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On the Ballot: Marijuana, Gay Marriage

September 14, 2012

“The presidential election gets most of the attention, but it’s going to be a very interesting year at state level, with voters potentially passing a host of far-reaching new laws,” says John Matsusaka of USC’s Initiative & Referendum Institute. Pot legalization is a hot topic this year, as are same-sex marriage, health care, tax increases and public employee unions.

November Initiatives

October 15, 2010

Next month’s ballot measures focus on everything but the economy, according
to USC’s Initiative
and Referendum Institute.

God and the Immigrant

December 17, 2008

Religious leaders stand on the front lines in the fight for immigrant rights, according to a new book written by USC’s Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo.

Economy Hurts McCain

September 26, 2008

Lawrence Harris on why Republicans are down, bailouts are necessary, and the administration will be tempted to prop up General Motors.

Nov. Initiatives and the Presidential Race

August 15, 2008

The big story for ballot propositions this year is the surge of social issues. The spending focus that usually predominates will take a back seat to social agendas, with intriguing potential spillovers onto the presidential election. From gay marriage to abortion, USC’s Initiative & Referendum Institute maps the landscape.

Free Trade: Blowing Campaign Smoke

April 25, 2008

Responding to nervous U.S. workers and unions, candidates have talked tough on foreign trade. But what will a Clinton, Obama or McCain presidency really mean for NAFTA and other free trade agreements? According to USC’s Abraham Lowenthal, the outlook is rosier than campaign trail bluster suggests.

An Olympic Question

April 18, 2008

All three candidates advocate boycotting the opening ceremony in Beijing. Once in office, the president’s tune on China will change, says a USC prof.

Gambling on Latino Votes

January 25, 2008

Clara Irazabal Photo

Clinton's Las Vegas caucus win casts light on the evolving demographics and strength of American Latinos, according to USC's Clara Irazábal.

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