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Fact Sheet: The Candidates on Education

October 19, 2012

From teacher pay to No Child Left Behind, a new chart from the USC Rossier School of Education compares the positions of President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney on the most important education issues. Click to view.

Taxes & Pensions

October 1, 2012

Golden State voters show slipping support for Gov. Brown’s tax initiative, but favor pension reforms, finds USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Poll.

On the Ballot: Marijuana, Gay Marriage

September 14, 2012

“The presidential election gets most of the attention, but it’s going to be a very interesting year at state level, with voters potentially passing a host of far-reaching new laws,” says John Matsusaka of USC’s Initiative & Referendum Institute. Pot legalization is a hot topic this year, as are same-sex marriage, health care, tax increases and public employee unions.

Brown’s Tax Initiative

August 23, 2012

Just a slim majority of Californian voters favor Prop. 30, which would raise taxes to avoid further spending cuts in education and public safety.

College for Immigrants

November 19, 2010

Calif. law letting illegal immigrants pay in-state tuition must be backed by the federal DREAM Act, to help the U.S. economy, says Jody Agius Vallejo.

November Initiatives

October 15, 2010

Next month’s ballot measures focus on everything but the economy, according
to USC’s Initiative
and Referendum Institute.

The Value of College

July 16, 2010

How important is a degree in today’s job market? Sociologist Karen Sternheimer looks at education’s effect on salaries and advancement.

Voters Soften on Immigration

April 16, 2010

Poll finds Californians almost evenly divided on whether to deny social services to illegal immigrants. Also, a majority support same-sex marriage.

Research Supports Gay Parents

March 19, 2010

Bush, Obama, and same-sex-marriage foes have all touted the idea that children need a father and a mother to do well. The problem is that this truism isn’t true. USC’s Timothy Biblarz and NYU’s Judith Stacey found that while two-parent families were more successful, the gender of those parents made no difference.

In Charge of Charters

March 19, 2010

Federal standards should govern the creation of charter schools, according to panelists at a USC Rossier School briefing in D.C.

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